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wandering... [Sep. 26th, 2006|08:39 pm]
[Current Location |Neverland]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Greensleeves played by husband on guitar]

*brushes off cobwebs*

Whoa...been ages since I have posted here. I just seem to have very little time for such business these days.

Kid is back in school and I am room mom...again. I am actually enjoying it. 4th grade is so much better than 3rd was. The teacher is awesome too, and the child loves school again.

Changes for May...I work this Saturday for the last time at my wee shop job. Funny, I thought I would be a little blue over it, but I am done. Already started a new job at my favorite local coffee spot and it is perfect--very busy so time flies, and I am off in plenty of time to meet the kid after school. Plus, new boss appears to be sane, which is unusual for me. Hope it lasts. The pay is better too, and I get one snappy free coffee drink, plus all the brewed coffee I can consume so yay for me! The great thing is I am not tempted to blow my check on cute things like at the shop, so even better. The hours give me time to dash and run a quick errand or swap laundry and vaccum and such and get supper ready. I hope it will be a good fit. So far it seems great. The crew I work with is a riot too. College age mostly, and the owner is around my age, though she is in and out.

I wrote some great things while working at the shop...well fun for me. I dunno about great, but certainly long-winded! *Cough* Eclipse *cough* My own story is under major re-construction, and I have mapped and researched so much I feel far better prepared to re-write. I am told the re-write is not so bad once you get started, but I want to get all my i's dotted and t's crossed so I can crank a bit. My personal library of magical books has grown immensely. I'm pretty sure my buddies at Borders and Barnes & Noble think I am some kind of freak for the books I buy. They often give me the hairy eyeball when I check out. I think it's cause I don't especially look the part. Some of them understand though. They are freaks like me. One girl wears HP earrings and we have chatted up all the latest HP news.

OoOo! I loved the pics of the new film...Luna looks fantastic. So does Ginny. And I am not sure who the long haired Ravenclaw laddie is but he is too cute! I can't wait to see the new film! They are all looking quite English, I must say, and oh gods, Umbridge with the kitty plates. It will be loads of fun. As to the last book...take your time Jo. I never want the magic to end.

Hope everyone is doing well...blessed be!